After a careless evening’s speculation with Mr S, Mr R tells me that his money tells him that the correspondents to the Brown Advisor are fictional, and that I would do well to shut up shop and look elsewhere for business.

The issue of deceit, Mr R, is addressed in note 30. But let me put to you the difficulty faced by the Advisor. Just as I must be careful not to show pictures that might make public anything intended to be kept private, so I must be careful not to make my correspondents recognisable, when our conversations and correspondence are informal and are not intended to be reported. I believe that an easy flow of ideas and thoughts is best maintained when rigour and scholarship are kept at bay by a good thickness of theatrical gauze. It’s a big world and many people live in it. Can you accept I wonder that it is scarcely conceivable that all these questions should not have been put, in some form or other? If that is too much for you, you will I’m sure agree that they should have been put?  Or if you cannot even accept that, then at least let us wonder together what on earth this world is coming to if they have not been put – and congratulate ourselves for putting them now.

I have had a similar inquiry from Mr L, but he writes from Stroud and is probably an anarchist. I shall not stoop to a response.