‘Extent of ground, trees, and water, alone meet the eye. But to what purposes is this extent of ground turned? It is a vast pasturage…’

Funny, even far-fetched, but people once said of the landscape gardener, Capability Brown that the extent of his parkland was a ‘foolish vanity’, an unnecessary parade of the self-importance and wealth of the owner, and of his ‘des­potic love of exclusion’. Still today you hear the claim that Brown’s clients wanted to make grand statements about themselves and that extent gives grandeur. Take it from the Advisor, this is rubbish.

Consider instead that if you want variety in a design, you’ll always be tempted to extend the parkland so as to include more types of stuff: water (particularly streams), meadows, coppice wood, forest, high vantage points or prospects, and so on; and on.