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300 Frequently Asked Questions about Capability Brown, and a further 200 about Humphry Repton

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1836: was Repton influenced by Horace Walpole? – by Mrs Anne Radcliffe?

Oofy here: Editorial: Less Rhubarb. Drop it.

A gloss from the Type-Setter. Our editor rightly feels that too much ink is spent on Horace Walpole because the man is so quotable. The Professor on the other hand is greatly attached to the gothic.

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1850: Mount Edgcumbe: who designed the viaduct?

‘Mount Edgcumbe is a miniature castle, a puerile mock-up, fronted to the north by terraces that give it a pretence of grandeur in the view down the Hamoaze – a quaint name for the estuarine stretch of the River Tamar, between its confluence with the River Lynher and Plymouth Sound. The water is not my present subject however.

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1835: was William Cowper an influence?

Oofy here: Editorial: Cowper. Deal with it.

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1825: Pleasure grounds?

Oofy here: Editorial: Tell me if it’s the same for you: when I hear a fellow speaking. What they say makes perfect sense. Beautifully expressed. A treat. When I think of saying anything m’self, I get plenty of phrases alright. Jumbled up though. Can’t work out which comes first.

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1824: Why there?

‘If the Bathing House at Norris Castle is in his character and style, we might then ask what Humphry Repton might have made of its location and the location of the other buildings on the estate.

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1823: Setting?

‘If the location of Norris Castle was not chosen by Humphry Repton, then we should not abjure the evidence for settings that he provided for other buildings in the late 18th century.’

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1822: What about Gothic?

A gloss from the Type-Setter: those to whom I am a stranger, and there will be many, may not know that I have a fear of flies, and hence a great aversion to the outside. It is to this trait – a craven giving way to a childish fear – I will admit as much  – that our Editor alluded in note 1821. There is an irresistible allure in the editorial role that I have undertaken. It brings Humphry Repton’s  landscapes to life through the medium of his sketches, without the trouble of seeing them for themselves, or exposing myself to the open air.

The Professor produces his notes of on the Gothic (he prefers ‘Sondergothik’ – that late form of Gothic peculiar to Central Europe which speaks to the romantic, fantastical and sometimes overwrought soul of the Czech nationalist),

‘Humphry Repton was perfectly happy to work with the inspired idiosyncracies of Gothic design that James Wyatt provided for Norris Castle.

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1821: Did Repton like baths?

‘I have now written all I propose (see note 1819) by way of introduction, the notes that follow are assembled from red books and memoranda written by Humphry Repton between 1799 and 1804.

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297: Who’d live in a village?

Many questions have been raised about the standing of the 18th century village. Was it Oliver Goldsmith’s Auburn and a heaven on earth, or was it squalid, unsanitary and absolutely to be avoided?

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296: Who did the driving?

Captain Ken, being a bicycling man, is forever in pursuit of some new place in which to try his skills, be it the screes of a mountain slope or the dense undergrowth of a distant forest and he now returns from the United States with a renewed disdain for the familiar well-trodden paths of custom.

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