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300 Frequently Asked Questions about Capability Brown, and a further 200 about Humphry Repton

Category: Houses

289: What is the difference between a house and a hall?

Ms K has been in touch from Leeds over a matter of propriety. She wonders if Dukes always live in palaces, and if there is a pecking order in the names of houses as there is in the orders of the nobility.

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284: Are there no crumbs?

Hirsute and with her head in a bandage again, Mrs W of Staffordshire never looks her best after a fall, but her one wild eye is still a-roving, and thus she came to me seeking as it were a mix of bread-crumbs which she felt would liven up this dish of advisory notes and give them more kick as they came fresh from the oven.

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222: Ionic or Iconic?


Kedleston Hall from Adam's Long Walk

Kedleston Hall from Adam’s Long Walk

I confess that I cannot resist pressure. As a rule therefore I will retire to my tower until the siege party has wearied of its efforts, but here is Mme de V, writing from France once again, and asking for still more detail on the essays of the noble Capability Brown in Ionic architecture.

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122: Did Brown get on with architects?

Mr M is curious to know how a landscape gardener like Capability Brown will have got along with architects, supposing they were employed at the same time, and has written from London to ask which of the two would rule the roost.


John Carr is very likely to have been involved with Scampston, but the house still looked like Brown’s handiwork.

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22: Can you see Croome in less than three days?

Part 3: the pleasure ground

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