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300 Frequently Asked Questions about Capability Brown, and a further 200 about Humphry Repton

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293: What part did infinity play?

The Bar adopts at times the quietly assured purr of the contented cat who has seen the mouse and is merely waiting for a propitious moment to spring.

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87: Where did he get it from? – André le Nôtre

There is something comforting in the resilience of nationalism.

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200: How do you explain Brown to the Americans?

Picture your editor, wearing an unaccustomed suit and travelling in a party with his client, the Duchess of Rutland, trying to look the part as they slalom like balls in a pinball machine, from cocktail party to cocktail party across the United States.

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151: Did Brown shape New York?

Central Park carriages (1)

The horse-drawn carriages of Central Park are not inconspicuous

I was caught in a grimace, with a root beer at the bar on my first step to becoming American, when Mr L of Brooklyn, English as it happens, approached me, and on discovering my occupation, asked whether the great landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted had been influenced by Capability Brown.

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103: Were there landscapers in the English style in France?

Mrs D of Hampshire has been in touch again to ask for a list of English-style landscapes in France.

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6: Did Brown travel abroad?

The domed octagon of the menagerie at Coombe resembles the Great Menagerie at Versailles

The domed octagon of the menagerie at Coombe resembles the Great Menagerie at Versailles

A correspondent, purporting to be Señor J.M.P-G. d’A  de P. y A., president of the bull-fighting appreciation society of Seville, has written to let me know that Capability Brown is still remembered in that city as a fighter – a great toreador, celebrated for the flourish with which he executed his Veronicas, and that it was through his cape ability that he acquired his nick-name.

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