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300 Frequently Asked Questions about Capability Brown, and a further 200 about Humphry Repton

Category: Authenticity

299: What is Brown’s legacy?

Recently returned from his tour to the eastern states, Captain Ken has reported his astonishment that Americans could describe the architecture and layout of New York as beautiful, and his further astonishment at the praise they heaped on the scenery along the train line from New York to Philadelphia.

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298: Should landscapes be private?

I return to my recent communication (note 296) in response to a particular query from Miss P of Harlaxton who asks what grounds I have for supposing that the Dukes of Rutland drew their sense of themselves from the deep, and probably imagined, past.

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297: Who’d live in a village?

Many questions have been raised about the standing of the 18th century village. Was it Oliver Goldsmith’s Auburn and a heaven on earth, or was it squalid, unsanitary and absolutely to be avoided?

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202: What is authenticity?

The history of each individual is more significant to each than the history of his or her culture. The places our parents and grand-parents came from give us some measure of self-confidence for we partly define ourselves by our stock and by the stories we tell of our forebears.

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200: How do you explain Brown to the Americans?

Picture your editor, wearing an unaccustomed suit and travelling in a party with his client, the Duchess of Rutland, trying to look the part as they slalom like balls in a pinball machine, from cocktail party to cocktail party across the United States.

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27: How could Brown be mistaken for nature?

Dr A from Swadlincote wonders if I can help him with a public lecture that he is about to give, on the theme ‘ genetic modification, good or bad?’

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16: Why are Goths?

The teleological theory of history holds that it may take several ‘transitional’ generations for one great idea to be brought to birth.

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30: Was Brown an artist?

In Dublin, as it were, the other day I got to speaking with a well-belled man, let us call him Mr S,

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