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300 Frequently Asked Questions about Capability Brown, and a further 200 about Humphry Repton

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201: Who cares about history?

Mrs H of Houston asks what it is that old things contribute to human happiness and understanding.

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87: Where did he get it from? – André le Nôtre

There is something comforting in the resilience of nationalism.

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183: And why not Broom?

I may have been over-hasty in my last (note 182) when I suggested that Box had gone out of favour in the second half of the 18th century, simply because it had become too popular and was making its way down through the social classes – a progress that hardly surprises when one considers how readily it takes from cuttings.

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200: How do you explain Brown to the Americans?

Picture your editor, wearing an unaccustomed suit and travelling in a party with his client, the Duchess of Rutland, trying to look the part as they slalom like balls in a pinball machine, from cocktail party to cocktail party across the United States.

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163: Is there more to say about Cornwall?

Mr H of Redruth reprimands me for slackness and for failing to explain in sufficient detail why our great gardener, Capability Brown, did no work in Cornwall (my note 62).

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111: Where are Brown’s oaks?

With my companions at the Tatler’s Waste-Bin, Captain Ken, the noted bicyclist, amongst them, we have on occasion devoted our evening’s lucubration to the trees that grow readily in the kingdom. Last night came the turn of the greatest of them all, and the tree most planted by our hero, Capability Brown.

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126: What is it about forests?

Captain Ken, who crosses himself whenever he sees anything green, asks me why anyone should bother with a forest.

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127: Did Brown save old trees?

Monsieur B of Orléans has touched again on the subject of old trees, and whether Capability Brown saved them or even modified his work to take account of them. Well, well, well. The questions are good, and the short answers are yes and yes, but then again, simple decency bids me add, also no and no.

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103: Were there landscapers in the English style in France?

Mrs D of Hampshire has been in touch again to ask for a list of English-style landscapes in France.

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62: What’s wrong with Cornwall?

Mr H of Redruth, a formidable leader of the Cornish secession, has asked me why the great 18th century gardener Capability Brown did no work there.

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