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300 Frequently Asked Questions about Capability Brown, and a further 200 about Humphry Repton

Category: Mystery

1852: who designed the churchyard at Mount Edgcumbe?

Oofy here: Editorial: ‘nough about me. Need a break. Writin’s hard – and here’s another question. Haven’t spotted the question mark. Must be somewhere. Give me a shout ‘f you come across it.

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278: What of critics?

At this stage in our tercentennial celebrations for that roly-poly, roistering rooster and riding man, Capability Brown, I have heard cries and sighs of satiation from men and from women – there is too much juice I hear, too much pleasure, they are browned off with Brown.

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205: Was Brown a man of mystery?

I referred in my note 29 to the aversion that the wonder-gardener Capability Brown felt towards ‘shewing a road’ and I judged that his aversion sprang from the desire to disconnect the components, and thus to induce an air of reverie, of dream, en fin, of mystery, into his landscapes.

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29: Did Brown have a thing about roads?

Mr J, a shepherd at Whitchurch, Hants., has asked whether ordinary people can understand the gardener, Capability Brown, convincing though he may be to the cognoscenti. Conventional wisdom has it that since Brown worked for an aristocratic elite, you won’t be able to understand his work unless you puff yourself up with titles and a pretension to court dress.

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53: How did Brown describe his landscapes?

A Brown belt. I'm afraid our photographer may have misunderstood

A Brown belt. I’m afraid our photographer may have misunderstood

Mrs L from Stanstead asks what that amazing artist and avatar Capability Brown would have called a belt.

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