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300 Frequently Asked Questions about Capability Brown, and a further 200 about Humphry Repton

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1839: was Rousseau an influence?

Oofy here: Editorial: More on Jane Austen. What about French?

A gloss from the Type-Setter. The perspicacity of our editor brings to his attention a rift to be discerned in the thinking of Humphry Repton and Jane Austen.

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298: Should landscapes be private?

I return to my recent communication (note 296) in response to a particular query from Miss P of Harlaxton who asks what grounds I have for supposing that the Dukes of Rutland drew their sense of themselves from the deep, and probably imagined, past.

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291: Is pedantry a virtue?

The more than distinguished Professor H of Pennsylvania has communicated and in his communication he makes it clear in his by-the-way fashion that when Sir William Chambers described the designs of the master-illusionist, Capability Brown, as little more than a walk around a common field, he meant ‘common field’ in the sense ‘common or garden’, that is, ordinary, everyday.

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209: Was Brown a conservative?

In a typically roistering effusion, that Red Clydesider and North Briton, the Ha-ha Hero, has challenged me to say what the apolitical Capability Brown, great man of the soil as he was, would have thought about ‘Blue Labour’, a recent, and at first sight unlikely, political fusion between the conservative politician and theorist, Edmund Burke, and socialism.

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202: What is authenticity?

The history of each individual is more significant to each than the history of his or her culture. The places our parents and grand-parents came from give us some measure of self-confidence for we partly define ourselves by our stock and by the stories we tell of our forebears.

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152: Anthropologist, historian, philosopher, politician or psychologist?

Two scholars, Jay Appleton and Oliver Rackham, have independently found similarities between English parkland and savannah.

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66: Was Brown a Tory?

Ken from Stroud plans to establish an anarchist commune on Mars and asks how he can create an anarchic landscape to go with it.

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