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300 Frequently Asked Questions about Capability Brown, and a further 200 about Humphry Repton

Category: The passage of time

283: Where does this leave Repton?

While normally I trust I may pride myself upon a sanguine and forgiving temperament, I must confess that a recent correspondence from Mr H of Twickenham, has left me with an unexpected difficulty that I cannot satisfactorily resolve.

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270: Was Brown a contemplative?

There has been some concern at the Tatler’s Waste-bin that my recent notes have been too much given over to generalisation and to congratulatory notes on the pleasures that must attend the 300 year birthday celebration of the great Capability Brown.

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258: Is Brownianism worse than Brownization?

My good friend Captain Ken has laid before me his proposal that a caucus of Professors can be a volatile thing.

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254: How is it for you? (4) Theory, judgement and attribution

My fellows at the Tatler’s Waste-bin have asked me to make this fourth be our final resumé of progress in the study of the work of Capability Brown during 2016, his tercentennial, his triumphal year. They fear lest we show too great a partiality for Dr Sarah Rutherford’s work. Here then is a further miscellany of observations largely gleaned from her text.

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212: Are Brown’s landscapes memorable?

There are none quicker to anger than Staffordshire folk. It may be their dogs and it has been put to me that the time they and their ancestors have spent firing clay, dull and dumb, in their bottle kilns has taught them that only the fire of extreme anger can bring forth the civilised charm of Wedgwood china – or maybe it is spending too much time with the bottle alone that does it.

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