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300 Frequently Asked Questions about Capability Brown, and a further 200 about Humphry Repton

Tag: Denham Place

266: Could Brown see two fronts at once?

Captain Ken is an excellent and reliable fellow, if inclined to extreme scepticism when he comes across any suggestion of the Brown Advisor’s. He numbers archery amongst his past-times and it was while we were amusing ourselves at the butts that he asked me whether I was sticking to the notion that Capability Brown preferred to show off his houses in a head-on view. I said I did, for Brown was a friend to freedom and a foe to forced solutions: if head-on was the most obvious way to see a house, then head-on is what he would provide. Indeed I had already published my opinion on the matter (note 12 for example).

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185: What can we say about Holly?

The difficulty with holly, ‘winter’s pride’ as the poet Thomas Gisborne put it, is not that it is hard to find in the landscapes of of that captain of capability, Lancelot Brown, but that it is impossible to tell whether it has been planted or has arrived naturally.

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156: Are Brown’s ‘cultural landscapes’?

At a genial evening just past in the upstairs rooms at the Tatler’s Waste-Bin, conversation turned to the idea of ‘cultural landscape’ and the fond attachment people form to particular places.

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