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268: Why did Brown buy Fenstanton?

The larger of Brown's two manors in Fenstanton, snugly set beside the A14

The larger of Brown’s two manors in Fenstanton, is snugly set beside the A14 trunk road.

Ever ready for trouble, the Ha-ha Hero asks why Capability Brown bought his estate in Fenstanton. Was it hubris? It is horridly horizontal hare country. Did he hate it? Is that why he did nothing there?

Coincidentally, but with remarkable serendipity Professor F from Oxford has suggested that Brown bought a second estate from Lord Egmont.

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263: What about common land?

Some ideas, finding their way into the mind, attach themselves like chewing gum to every passing thought, and so it is with me with respect to drainage, the subject of my last (note 262).

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262: What is it about Brown and drains?

It has been my great good fortune to spend a few days recently at liberty in Fenstanton, that tranquil village neatly bisected by the Felixstowe Road which serves here to link the Great North Road with the M11.

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