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300 Frequently Asked Questions about Capability Brown, and a further 200 about Humphry Repton

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214: Did Brown really dislike deer?

In my last (note 213), I offered to my companions at the Tatler’s Waste-bin a list of all those landscapes of that fine man and lord-lieutenant of Huntingdon, Capability Brown, for which I had records of an active deer park.

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240: Can you give us the facts?

Mr A is not a man to govern the expression of his opinions, but one would hardly expect to find diffident a man who has drunk so deep in the wells of experience. Only last Friday, on a rare outing from Bristol, his place of rest, he quite disarranged my buttonhole with the vehemence with which he grasped my lapels and demanded facts.

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221: How great an influence has Brown had?

Mr Honey has joined me in my country place and just now, stretched out under an apple tree and sucking on a straw, he gives a passable impression of rural content.

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173: Should we replant a wider range of trees than Brown?

Professor R of Cambridge has asked whether Brown used a wider range of trees than the few survivors of his planting would indicate. His question builds quite neatly from the last note, on fruit trees.

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157: Can we have more on mapping?

3 Sandleford Priory Spyers 1781

A plan for Sandleford Priory said to have been copied from Spyers

Many correspondents have returned to the question of mapping, the accuracy of maps, the date of maps where no date is provided, and the inconvenient tendency to overwrite maps, so one scarcely knows who has done what when.

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107: What about Cedar of Lebanon?

The river bank at Chatsworth is characteristic of the cedar's tendency to cluster

The river bank at Chatsworth is characteristic of the cedar’s tendency to cluster

In response to an earlier exchange (note 95) comes the suggestion from Mrs S of Grantham, a considerable dendrophile, that Cedar of Lebanon well represents the style of that ineffable stylist, Capability Brown.

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11: What did Spyers do?

Further to Note 8, comes a query from John B., a sailor from Bridport, who wonders how kindly a man was Capability Brown, and how he organised the visits of his surveyor, Jonathan Spyers’s?

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39: Who built the mount at Dunham Massey?

In the same post comes a note from Mr G. of Altrincham who has sent me a photograph of the mount in the New Park at Dunham Massey

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