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300 Frequently Asked Questions about Capability Brown, and a further 200 about Humphry Repton

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1850: Mount Edgcumbe: who designed the viaduct?

‘Mount Edgcumbe is a miniature castle, a puerile mock-up, fronted to the north by terraces that give it a pretence of grandeur in the view down the Hamoaze – a quaint name for the estuarine stretch of the River Tamar, between its confluence with the River Lynher and Plymouth Sound. The water is not my present subject however.

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29: Did Brown have a thing about roads?

Mr J, a shepherd at Whitchurch, Hants., has asked whether ordinary people can understand the gardener, Capability Brown, convincing though he may be to the cognoscenti. Conventional wisdom has it that since Brown worked for an aristocratic elite, you won’t be able to understand his work unless you puff yourself up with titles and a pretension to court dress.

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