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300 Frequently Asked Questions about Capability Brown, and a further 200 about Humphry Repton

Tag: Old Warden

46: Rabbits?

Professor M gardens on the greensand ridge in Bedfordshire and tells me she is plagued by rabbits.

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187: Did Brown take a view on ivy?

Mr Honey picked up a nasty bruise on his knee on a recent visit to a country place. His memories of the episode are indistinct but he has offered that there was a fine cellar, that the place was all tangled up and Gothicked with ivy, and that really the people there should take more care.

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67: Where were the toilets?

Box topiary: slim-fit for the more slender gentleman, and the more willowy figure


A recent post (note 60) has caught the eye of Mr E of Cambo.

In a lengthy disquisition on his own  practice when amongst his vegetables and in the light of the four necessary houses in the east pleasure ground at Wallington Hall,

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