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300 Frequently Asked Questions about Capability Brown, and a further 200 about Humphry Repton

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272: How did paddocks work?

272 Ugbrooke outwork

The outworks of the Danish Camp at Ugbrooke might easily be mistaken for the pale of a mediaeval deer park.

The question that exercises my good friends from Devonshire, on the other hand, is ‘where the deer were at Ugbrooke?’ ‘Did they wander freely over all the extensive parkland, or were they contained in smaller paddocks?’

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214: Did Brown really dislike deer?

In my last (note 213), I offered to my companions at the Tatler’s Waste-bin a list of all those landscapes of that fine man and lord-lieutenant of Huntingdon, Capability Brown, for which I had records of an active deer park.

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