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1828: Planting?

West Cowes from the esplanade

West Cowes from the esplanade

‘“On this principle they have proceeded too hastily at Plas Newydd in grubbing hedges & pulling down cottages, for the sake of showing an extent of open lawn in a direction where plantations ought to be encouraged to screen a bleak country,

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1822: What about Gothic?

A gloss from the Type-Setter: those to whom I am a stranger, and there will be many, may not know that I have a fear of flies, and hence a great aversion to the outside. It is to this trait – a craven giving way to a childish fear – I will admit as much  – that our Editor alluded in note 1821. There is an irresistible allure in the editorial role that I have undertaken. It brings Humphry Repton’s  landscapes to life through the medium of his sketches, without the trouble of seeing them for themselves, or exposing myself to the open air.

The Professor produces his notes of on the Gothic (he prefers ‘Sondergothik’ – that late form of Gothic peculiar to Central Europe which speaks to the romantic, fantastical and sometimes overwrought soul of the Czech nationalist),

‘Humphry Repton was perfectly happy to work with the inspired idiosyncracies of Gothic design that James Wyatt provided for Norris Castle.

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