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300 Frequently Asked Questions about Capability Brown, and a further 200 about Humphry Repton

Tag: The Leasowes

224: What do you know about Brown’s cascades?

The estimable Mr L of the Barbican, London, writes in search of some understanding of the different types of cascade used by everybody’s idea of the perfect place-maker, Capability Brown, in the course of his career.

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85: Where did he get it from? – Philip Southcote

So Horace Walpole thought that that great and gracious gardener, the good Capability Brown got his ideas from William Kent and Philip Southcote. ‘Who?’ exclaimed the sociable Mr Honey  when I told him. ‘William Kent? – Furniture designer, set painter, associate of Burlington’  ‘Not him, the other one.’

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54: Was Brown a plantsman?

The Advisor has received a number of enquiries about Capability Brown’s use of exotics. Mrs D. has written from Hampshire to ask if Brown bought the Black Locust or

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16: Why are Goths?

The teleological theory of history holds that it may take several ‘transitional’ generations for one great idea to be brought to birth.

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