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300 Frequently Asked Questions about Capability Brown, and a further 200 about Humphry Repton

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214: Did Brown really dislike deer?

In my last (note 213), I offered to my companions at the Tatler’s Waste-bin a list of all those landscapes of that fine man and lord-lieutenant of Huntingdon, Capability Brown, for which I had records of an active deer park.

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211: Are there any good illustrations of Brown’s work?

Spring brings out the cynic in men like Captain Ken – it is the sudden and unpredictable change in the look of things. Mr Honey on the other hand grows steadily less repressible. ‘Hark at the lark!’ he is wont to say, at every chirrup from a passing sparrow.

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76: What did Brown have against avenues?

Returning from a refreshing afternoon in Slough to a fresh delivery of correspondence on the hall table, I was just in time to catch a note from the Tyne as it slid from the top of the pile onto the floor. It was Mr O with news from Northumberland, and a question: did Capability Brown ever plant avenues?

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208: What are warrens?

From her correspondence, freshly delivered from Harlow, it is clear that Dr L has the impression that all warrens were rabbit warrens.

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171: Did Brown use fruit?

The apple tree growing from a rootstock in the pleasure ground at Langley, Bucks., is something of a rarity

This apple tree, growing from a rootstock in the pleasure ground at Langley, Bucks., is something of a rarity

Arising from certain lucubrations last evening, the Brown Advisor recognises that overmuch time has been devoted to the very specific questions of a very insistent few. The Advisor therefore dedicates the next notes to continuing our account of particular plants and their place in landscape (notes 92-95, 100, 107, 110, 111, 137, 146, et al.).

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157: Can we have more on mapping?

3 Sandleford Priory Spyers 1781

A plan for Sandleford Priory said to have been copied from Spyers

Many correspondents have returned to the question of mapping, the accuracy of maps, the date of maps where no date is provided, and the inconvenient tendency to overwrite maps, so one scarcely knows who has done what when.

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122: Did Brown get on with architects?

Mr M is curious to know how a landscape gardener like Capability Brown will have got along with architects, supposing they were employed at the same time, and has written from London to ask which of the two would rule the roost.


John Carr is very likely to have been involved with Scampston, but the house still looked like Brown’s handiwork.

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73: What were hare parks?

Mr A of Bristol asks for further information regarding the Hare Park at Wilton.

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112: What about race-courses?

I hear the question, did the gardener, Capability Brown, build race-courses?

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2: Did Brown do anything except deer parks?

M. de Braun (no relation) writes from Paris to point out that besides Versailles, André Le Nôtre laid out the Champs Elysée.

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