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300 Frequently Asked Questions about Capability Brown, and a further 200 about Humphry Repton

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1851: Mount Edgcumbe: who designed the pleasure grounds?

Repton returned to Devon and Cornwall in around 1802, and perhaps he had returned more often than that (see note 1848) and he was to begin two further Cornish commissions a few years later (Tregothnan in September 1809; Antony and Pentilllie in 1810).

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1858: why the cross-references?

Mr R.S. has written from Devon to ask our editor why Repton cross-references from red book to red book

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1825: Pleasure grounds?

Oofy here: Editorial:  I hear a fellow speaking. Makes perfect sense. Beautifully expressed. A treat. Then think of saying something m’self, I get the phrases. Jumbled up though. Can’t work out which comes first. 

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46: Rabbits?

Professor M gardens on the greensand ridge in Bedfordshire and tells me she is plagued by rabbits.

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289: What is the difference between a house and a hall?

Ms K has been in touch from Leeds over a matter of propriety. She wonders if Dukes always live in palaces, and if there is a pecking order in the names of houses as there is in the orders of the nobility.

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262: What is it about Brown and drains?

It has been my great good fortune to spend a few days recently at liberty in Fenstanton, that tranquil village neatly bisected by the Felixstowe Road which serves here to link the Great North Road with the M11.

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197: Was William Ireland a Bedfordshire man?

The thirst that drove Mrs P to seek out information about William Ireland, associate of that omega of the English landscape style, Capability Brown, remains unslaked by my last note.

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196: Which Ireland worked at Southill?

Mrs P, one of a dazzling array of scholars at work on Luton Hoo, has asked particularly for further details about the career of William Ireland and the work he is likely to have carried out there.

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122: Did Brown get on with architects?

Mr M is curious to know how a landscape gardener like Capability Brown will have got along with architects, supposing they were employed at the same time, and has written from London to ask which of the two would rule the roost.


John Carr is very likely to have been involved with Scampston, but the house still looked like Brown’s handiwork.

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